Dillon Gray

Director of Marketing

Dillon oversees all corporate marketing and branding for Korman Residential. He is responsible for maximizing rental revenues and occupancy in the properties and portfolios managed by the company. Dillon utilizes an array of metrics to measure return on investment for all advertising, marketing and social media.

Dillon has 8 years of experience as a writer spanning the academic, creative and news media worlds. He has worked in the creative industry since 2012 and has served as an editor and manager at multiple LLCs. His success as a writer and visual artist informs his approach to brand building and gives him a unique and invaluable perspective in his role as Director of Marketing.

Dillon’s hands-on strategy with the properties ensures that all new initiatives are implemented quickly and successfully. Having 10 years of experience in sales including 2 years in Hiring and Staffing, Dillon is an effective sales trainer.

Dillon has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arcadia University as a double major in International Studies and Global Security, Emergency Management (GSEM). Dillon has conducted research in Israel (2013), Turkey (2014), Cyprus (2015), Russia, Latvia and Estonia (2016) which allows him to easily work across multicultural boundaries.